How to draw Chota Bheem Video drawing step by step

Are you fan of Chota bheem character, which is very famous cartoon series among kids. It is animated comedy adventure series which is created Rajiv chilaca in 2008. The kids love Chhota bheem series because of adventure storyline buzz created by him. The stories are inspirational for kids which always give them a positive message.

The cartoon includes adventures scenes which is done by a boy named as Chota Bheem, it also represents a fictional kingdom known as Dholakpur. Bheem along with his friends are always protecting Raja Indra Verma, King of Dholakpur from enemies and evil forces.

Chota Bheem along with his friends, also help other kingdoms. It is one of the most popular animated cartoon series for children in India.


It is fictional character of chota bheem which represents Dholakpur kingdom and series revolves around Kalia and Chota Bheem. Kalia is rival of Bheem popularity. Kalia along with his brothers Dholu and Bolu plot strategies to defeat Chota bheem.

The story always revolves around Chota bheem, Jaggu, Kalia, Chutki and its friends. The bheem along with his friends, used to solve the various problems of villagers. When any enemy attack on village, Chota bheem always solves the mystery and save the kingdom from attacks. He make strategies and make sure of specials powers to beat Kalia and other enemies.

The cartoon series includes Raju, Kalia, Bholu, Chutki, Jaggu and Indraverma and many other characters, It is one of the most high TRP character in India  and Other countries.

Chota bheem Drawing tutorials for kids

Many People want to draw Chota Bheem cartoon but do not know like how to draw Chhota bheem step by step. There are many tutorials lessons available on Internet but most of them are lengthy and hard to follow. Here you will get simple steps which kids can learn easily for drawing their favourite cartoon.

Kids follow Chota bheem and want to make themselves like Chota bheem. There are lot of games based on chota bheem like- solve mystery, solve puzzles. All these games just help students to enhance their knowledge and aptitude base.

I hope you are also fan of Chota Bheem. So, Here are the detailed Tutorials lessons to know how to draw Chota Bheem pencil drawing step by step.

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