How to draw Lord shiva face full body drawing step by step

Lord shiva is God for Hindu community and is also known bole bhandari or shiv shanker, he sets the principles of Hinduism.  He is supreme authority for Hinduism and shiv ling is named after Lord Shva private part and it is people believe that Lord shiva Ling created the world. So, many people want to draw Lord shiva face and full body drawing step by step.
Lord Shiva is also known as destroyer and transformer of the Trimurti which includes brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (which itself is Lord shiva).
It is lord shiva who are responsible for creation, protection and transformation of universe, In Hindu tradition, the shiva is described as the supreme power. Including the Shiva, Parvati is having equal complementary partner of Lord Shiva.
Lord shiva likes to live in Himalaya’s, Kailash mansarover, Kedarnath and Amarnath is named over the Lord shiva. Every year, millions of people visit both these places to capture the limitless energy of Lord dhiva
The energy of Shiva is regarding as limitless, formless, unchanging and transcendent. He is considered as the Yogi who lives in Mount Kailash and patron god of mediation, Yoga and arts. Lord shiva family includes Ganesha and Kartikeya.
In India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, you will have found a lot of Lord shiva temples where you can see thousands of followers. A lot of stories are linked with Lord shiva. One such story is third eye of Shiva on its forehead, He also carry snake on its neck, Moon on its hairs and holy river ganga flowing from its hairs as well.
He also carries a weapon called as trishul along with damaru. The followers worshipped him in form of shiv lingam.
Now, coming to Lord shiva drawing, you can easily draw lord shiva realistic drawing by following line by line steps which includes complete tutorial guide.  You can draw Shiva face as full body.
We are going to provide you with video where you can draw Lord shiva face and full body step by step which is easy for the followers to start drawing with.
The links are provided below-
Lord shiva face drawing-

Lord shiva Full Body drawing-

I hope above video on lord shiva  face and full body drawing would help you.

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