How to draw Mahatma Gandhi face drawing Video step by step

Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of the Hindustan independence movement against the Britishers. He followed non violence means to solve every problem of country. Many kids and people always want to draw Mahatma Gandhi face drawing because people follow him. Here is video explaining complete details step by step.
Some facts about Mahatma Gandhi
He started civil disobedience movement and led India to independence in 1947. People also called him Father of the nation or bapu. He was born in Gujarat and trained in London. After his visit to India, He started protest excessive land tax and discrimination.
He started nationwide campaigns for various social causes to achieve swaraj. He also started Dandi march in 1930 and followed by Quit India Movement in 1942.
Britishers put him in imprison for many years. He is representing dhoti shawl, vegetarian food and charkha. He even opted for political protest. After invasion with Britishers, Gandhi divide the India into two parts- one land was for Hindustan and another land was for Pakistan. He divided the countries on basis of religion i.e. Hindus and Muslims.
Nathuram Godse who was Hindu nationalist had assassinated Gandhi ji on 1948 because he was unhappy with Gandhi ji policies and way of handling with complex things. How Gandhi ji is favouring some community over the another.
Moreover, he was unhappy over Gandhi remarks on non-violence. Godse believed in development of India in arms, automobiles and everything but Gandhi was favouring non-violence and against the expansion of security forces across borders.
One controversial decision of Gandhi ji regarding Bhagat Singh was also hurt the sentiments of Indian people. At that time, Gandhi ji signed on petition which was regarding Bhagat singh release but he signed it by stating that whoever follows the path of non-violence must die. This created hate for him in Punjab community.
How to draw Mahatma Gandhi Face| Video tutorial
In remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi, Indians started celebrating 2nd October as Gandhi Jayanti and some kids draw Mahatma Gandhi drawing on this day.
It is easy to draw Mahatma Gandhi drawing by following our video tutorial, In the video, we explain the complete tutorial lesson to draw Bapu Gandhi easily.
There are many websites who also provide guide to draw Gandhi ji but steps are complex and very difficult for kids to understand. Here we cover step by step solution, which is helpful for many kids.
Below, you find step by step tutorial guide to know how to draw Gandhi ji face using our video-

I hope you like watching video on How to draw Gandhi ji face.

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