How to draw Ava from Dave and Ava step by step video tutorial

Dave and Ava is an animation series for kids. Actually it is the best animation series when it comes to nursery rhymes and traditional children's songs. Their videos is all about learning the ABC, numbers. shapes, colors and more. They manage to be extremely engaging for babies and relaxing for parents. Children watching Dave and Ava also learn to focus and play independently while improving their listening and speaking skills, not to mention their social behavior. Because young kids are so into Dave and Ava they love the characters and want to see them everywhere, like on their birthday cake, as stickers, etc. Learn to draw Dave and Ava for your young ones. They will love and adore you for it and it will make them so happy. Here is a video showing exactly how to draw Ava from Dave and Ava step by step.

A couple of words on how to prevent a tantrum and make time pass more easily when waiting
A tantrum is an uncontrolled burst of anger and frustration, usually in young children.
typically characterized by stubbornness, screaming, crying, ranting, resistance and in some cases physically violent behavior.
This can be controlled by many different ways, although the real secret for success is for the parent/s to keep calm all the way through.
Research and statistics show that most tantrums happen when young kids are supposed to wait patiently while their parents are involved in organizing, scheduling, shopping and any preparations what so ever.
This can be avoided by giving the child an engaging activity during that time.
For this reason, many parents find TV as an ideal solution at times.
But, you want your child to be involved in a productive activity and not just to stare at a random show like a zombie which will backfired later on.
Here comes this brilliant animation series Dave and Ava which was made exactly for this reason.

How To Draw Dave and Ava tutorial videos exclusively on our YouTube Channel
It is easy to draw cartoon characters by following our video tutorials.
We specialize mainly in How To Draw Pencil Drawing.
In this video we explain exactly how to draw Ava from Dave and Ava step by step.
Although there are many websites that show how to draw cartoon characters, Dave and Ava is a new animation series and at this moment you can find video tutorials on how to draw Dave and Ava characters only with us.
Just follow the video step by step and in no time you will master the technique and will be able to draw Ava all by yourself and your kid is going to love you for it.

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